2020 Season Update


It has been a while since I have written a true update. I wanted to shed some light on my 2020 racing plans. The typical offseason for a racecar driver is between the months of November and April. During this time it is up to the driver and his team to grow/cultivate new and old sponsorships. That is exactly what we have been doing, but it is important to drive and train as well. We need to keep up to date on our social media to keep sponsors informed and our fanbase strong. This takes a lot of time and energy, so I apologize if I have not been as active as I should have been. I am working to correct this with weekly videos, more sponsor related edits and the launch of a podcast. More on that soon.

Currently, my manager Corey Silvia and I are working to keep rallycross strong in the United States. Our beloved sport has had five or more rough years in a row, especially with the most recent disbanding of Americas Rallycross (“ARX”). We have had nagging issues such as series management, low car counts, and inconsistent venues. Despite this, everybody who has been or is involved with rallycross believes it has the potential to host the most exciting racing in motorsports. We have been on the phone with US based team owners, car manufacturers and European teams to get more cars in the states.

Another thing that has been effecting rallycross is the electrification movement. World Rallycross is leading the sport by introducing an electric class in 2021. This seemingly massive shift is putting race teams in a tough position. There still is not a perfect electric kit for the supercar class, though there are many that are close. This makes it hard for manufacturers to fully get behind teams. So now the teams are forced to wait or buy into a package deal that is very costly and without the full support of manufacturers, and all by 2021. Anybody that follows racing knows that championship winning cars require months if not years of research and development.

To top it all off, the only series that exists right now is Nitro World Games. They have plans for only three events in 2020, but hope to double that in 2021 along with electrification. I personally really enjoy Nitro World Games and know they put on a great show. That being said, the entire US rallycross paddock looks to Travis Pastrana right now, with hopes that he can entice new teams and manufacturers in the the sport.

This sport will succeed, and I think the auto industry’s shift to electrification will create the perfect climate. I can personally say that I know at least five people willing and able to get involved with rallycross, so it is vital that we keep the momentum strong and the sport alive.

I have plans to race rallycross in 2020. Unfortunately I cannot reveal any information regarding team, car, or series until the proper announcements have been made. BUT… this will be one of the best years for the sport since 2015. Keep an eye out for updates via my social media channels as well as new Oink Clothing Merchandise. This is a very exciting time in both the sport and my career. I want to say thank you to any fans, partners, and family for your continued support.

Watch out, here comes the 2020 Rallycross Season.

-Cabot Bigham

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